House in Domburg

Just outside Domburg, on the edge of the meadows, you can find this detached, six-person holiday home situated on a 1,000m² area of land. The village and the beach are within walking distance. You can immerse yourself in peace and quiet, and when you’ve had your fill, the charming hustle and bustle of the beach is within arm’s reach.

The house also has a garden which provides both a great degree of privacy and an extensive view. From here, you can see the church towers of Aagtekerke, Domburg, and Oostkapelle, and the Westkapelle lighthouse. The house is charmingly decorated and comfortably furnished.


Domburg is one of the oldest beach resorts in the Netherlands. In addition to the beach, the region is also home to beautiful nature and a wealth of day-trip opportunities, such as the driving range, the swimming pool, the bowling alley, or one of the many museums. Furthermore, the area has a very rich history. The region’s beauty, illuminated by the enchanting Zeeland sunlight inspired painters such as Toorop and Mondriaan to create numerous masterpieces.

Historical sites, such as Veere and Middelburg, are also within a short distance of the house, as is the beautiful Oranjezon nature reserve.